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Cosette Pin is a multi-disciplinary designer, specializing in lighting, sound, projection, and scenic design for theatre and live performance. Their work has taken them across Canada, the United States, the UK, and over 20 additional countries globally, designing for several companies and venues of varying sizes and theatrical form.

A graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada in Production Design and Technical Arts, Cosette is dedicated to producing innovative work by merging the technical and the artistic; the cerebral and the visceral.

Drawing on a variety of artistic mediums, they strive to create integrated designs that actively contribute to a narrative and interact with the performers in an impactful way. Passionately devoted to artistic collaboration, they aim to build cohesive and aesthetically beautiful experiences with their fellow collaborators.

Cosette is inspired by the magic and wonder that lives so vibrantly within the performing arts and strives to create that wonder through theatrical design.

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