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SELECT Lighting


House of Velour | 2022

Lighting Design | Projectionist

Concept & Creation By: Sasha Velour & Johnny Velour

Costume Designer: Diego Montoya


Superhero Clubhouse | 2022

Associate Production Design

Written By: Lanxing Fu

Directed By: Nana Dakin

Production Designer: Alejandro Fajardo

Cranky Design By: Lexi Ho-Tai


Meyer2Meyer | 2021

Lighting Design

Concept & Direction By: Justin Meyer

Artistic Direction By: Tanya Cyr

Costume & Prosthetic Design By: Tanya Cyr


Timeshare Productions | 2020

Lighting Design (Dora Nominated)

Written By: Brian Francis

Directed By: Rob Kempson

Set Design By: Brandon Kleiman


Canada's Ballet Jorgen | 2019

Lighting Direction

Choreographed by: Bengt Jorgen

Set Design by: Glenn Davidson

Original Design by: Glenn Davidson

Scrap Paper Theatre | 2019

Lighting and Sound Design

Written by: Thomas Nyhuus

Directed by: Courtney Ch'ng Lancaster

Set Design by: Julia Kim


Canada's Ballet Jorgen | 2018

Lighting Direction

Choreographed by: Bengt Jorgen

Set Design by: Sue LePage

Original Design by: Bonnie Beecher


The Guild Festival Theatre | 2018

Lighting Design

Written by: George Bernard Shaw

Directed by: Jeannette Lambermont-Morey

Set & Costume Design by: Rachel Forbes

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Link Theatre Company | 2018

Lighting Design

Written by: Rick Kish

Directed by: Rick Kish

Set Design by: Eric Bunnell


National Theatre School | 2017

Lighting Design

Written by: Aphra Behn

Directed by: Tadeusz Bradecki

Set Design by: Peter Hartwell

Projection Design by: Meghan Froebelius


Gros Morne Summer Music | 2016

Lighting, Projection, Set Design

Written by: Jodi Richardson

Directed by: Jodi Richardson

Set Co-Design by: Jodi Richardson

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