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Reviews & Testimonials

"... A non-binary tech genius and the true magician behind the curtain."

-Sasha Velour

Smoke & Mirrors | House of Velour | 2022

"... An inspired amalgam by set designer Cosette Pin of genuine 1919 news, with inserted headlines pertinent to our story of jazz-glitz and murder."

-Daily Info, Oxford

Chicago | Jazz Hands Productions | 2019

"Praise is also due to [...] sound designer Cosette Pin. [...] Every Day She Rose hasn’t got even one superfluous cue — they’re all necessary and excellently done. "

-Mooney on Theatre

Every Day She Rose | Nightwood Theatre | 2019

"Tying the production together is the notable lighting by Cosette Pin [...] The hazy purple lighting that settles low on the stage feels dreamlike."

-Mooney on Theatre

Box 4901 | Timeshare Productions | 2020

"Cosette Pin [...] create[s] a vivid contrast between the warmth of the fictional friendship and the cooler, more utilitarian feel of the creator scenes."

-Istvan Reviews

Every Day She Rose | Nightwood Theatre | 2019

"This virtual, interactive and experimental production included creative new translations and discussions from leading academics rendering it unique. The online streaming of the little-known ancient Greek tragedy with a modern spin was exceptional."


Orestes | Acropolis Now | 2021

"underscored with the syncopated synths and gated drums that have become signatures of the series and the era it depicts, all amplified to rocking effect by [...] Cosette Pin’s sound design."

-Off Off Online

Stranger Sings! | Visceral Entertainment (Off Broadway) | 2022

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