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The Tank | 2023

Scenic Design

Written By: Morgaine Gooding-Silverwood

Projection Design By: Alessandra (Ali) Cronin

Lighting Design By: Christina Tang

Asst. Scenic Deisgner: Nicole Denise White


Superhero Clubhouse | 2022

Associate Production Design

Written By: Lanxing Fu

Directed By: Nana Dakin

Production Designer: Alejandro Fajardo

Cranky Design By: Lexi Ho-Tai


Exponential Theatre Festival | 2022 

Scenic & Projection Design

Written By: Kelly Lamanna & Rawya El Chab

Directed By: Leonie Bell

Lighting Design By: Akvinder Kaur


Secret Theatre Academy | 2021

Scenic Design

Book By: James Lapine

Music and Lyrics by: Stephen Sondheim

Directed By: Samantha Sayah

Musical Director & Choreographer: Samantha Sayah


Acropolis Now | The University of Oxford Classics | 2021

Video & Scenic Design

Written By: Euripides 

Directed By: Marcus Bell & Alison Middleton


Laurier Musical Theatre | 2017

Scenic Design

Directed by: Hayley Mckinnon

Lighting Design by: Tyson Wentworth


Gros Morne Summer Music | 2016

Lighting, Projection, & Scenic Design

Written by: Jodi Richardson

Directed by: Jodi Richardson

Set Co-Design by: Jodi Richardson

Chicago Maquette.jpg

2016 - 2022

Scenic Design

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